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Policewoman's Set
Policewoman's Set, with Collar, Scarf and Epaulettes
Dalmatian Kit
Dalmatian Kit, with Ears on Headband, Tail and Nose
Pin Up Reindeer Kit
Pin Up Reindeer Kit, Brown, Antlers Headband, Collar & Wrist
Devilicious Kit
Devilicious Kit, Black, with Eye Mask, Horns and Trident Crop
Zebra Kit
Zebra Kit, Black and White Stripe, with Ears on a Headband and Ta
Hula Honey Instant Kit
Hula Honey Instant Kit, with Skirt, Headpiece, Wrist Cuffs, Lei a
Giraffe Kit
Giraffe Kit, with Ears on a Headband and Large Tail
Flapper Instant Kit
Flapper Instant Kit, with Wig, Necklace, Headpiece and Cigarette
Fever Maid Instant Kit
Fever Maid Instant Kit, with Headband, Apron and Feather Duster
Fever Camo Cutie Kit
Fever Camo Cutie Kit, with Hat, Dog Tags and Bullet Belt
90's Rocker Kit
90's Rocker Kit, with Auburn Wig with Bandana and Sunglasses
Fever Clown Kit
Fever Clown Kit, with Headband, Collar and Tutu
Gangster Instant Kit
Gangster Instant Kit, with Braces, Tie, Hat, Spats and Moustache
Fever Lace Bunny Kit
Fever Lace Bunny Kit, Black, with Ears, Collar and Gloves
Gothic Bride Kit
Gothic Bride Kit, with Rose and Skull Veil, Choker and Gloves
Delicious Devil Kit
Delicious Devil Kit, Red, with Mini Wings, Horns, Tail and Tutu
Punk Kit
Punk Kit, Tartan, with Tutu, Braces and Fingerless Gloves
Victorian Urchin Set
Victorian Urchin Set, with Waistcoat and Cap  
Devil Instant Set, Sequinned
Devil Instant Set, Sequinned, Red, with Headband, Tail and Triden
Super Hero Kit
Super Hero Kit, Blue, with Cape, Eye Mask and Cuffs
Lace Net Vest
Lace Net Vest, Neon Pink, with Gloves and Headband
Witch Instant Set
Witch Instant Set, with Cape, Hat and Nose
90's TV Host Kit
90's TV Host Kit, with Ginger Wig and Glasses
Fever Vamp Kit
Fever Vamp Kit, Cape with Collar and Gloves
Dancing Flower Kit
Dancing Flower Kit, Green, Headpiece with Glasses and Inflatable
Fever Devil Kit
Fever Devil Kit, with Wings and Horns
Nurse's Set
Nurse's Set, White/Red, with Cap, Garter and Net Apron
Nun's Kit
Nun's Kit, Black/White, with Headpiece and Collar
French Maid Set
French Maid Set, Black and White, with Lace Cuffs, Hat, Apron and
Cat Set
Cat Set, Black, with Ears, Tail and Bow-tie, Fur
Devil Set
Devil Set, Red, with Horns, Tail and Bow Tie, Fabric
Instant Cat Set
Instant Cat Set, Black, with Ears, Bow-tie and Tail
Cat Instant Set
Cat Instant Set, Black, with Ears, Tail and Bow Tie
Cat Set
Cat Set, Black and Silver, with Ears and Bowtie, Sequined
Male Stripper Kit
Male Stripper Kit, White and Black, Collar, Bow-Tie and Cuffs
Mens Hippie Kit
Mens Hippie Kit, with Headband, Specs and Necklace
Kilt, Tartan, with Sporran, scottish fancy dress
Hippie Kit
Hippie Kit, with Headband, Specs and Jewellery
Leopard Set
Leopard Set, Leopard Print, Headband, Choker and Tail
Baby Kit
Baby Kit, Assorted, Jumbo Nappy, Safety Pin and Dummy, this makes
Ska Two Tone Instant Kit
Ska Two Tone Instant Kit, with Braces and Hat
Hippy Man Kit
Hippy Man Kit, with Long Brown Wig, Specs, Peace Sign Medallion a
Hippy Chick Kit
Hippy Chick Kit, with Long Brown Wig, Specs, Peace Sign Medallion
French Man Set
French Man Set, Red, White, Black and Blue, with T-shirt, Beret,

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