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Spinning Light Show
Spinning Light Show, Assorted Colours
Flashing Foam Baton
Flashing Foam Baton
Mini Light up Fan
Mini Light up Fan, With LED Messages
Neon Bouncing Baton
Neon Bouncing Baton, Assorted Colours, Light Up
Fibre Optic Wand
Fibre Optic Wand, Pink, with Disco Ball , 36cm
Windmill Gun, Light up
Windmill Gun, Light up, Assorted Colours
Light Up 350ml Cup
Light Up 350ml Cup, Assorted Colours, Multifunction
Star Wand
Star Wand, Pink, Light up With Disco Ball, 40cm
Butterfly Wand
Butterfly Wand, Silver, Light Up, Multi Function, 40cm
Windmill with Disco Ball
Windmill with Disco Ball, Pink, Light Up
Flashing Windmill
Flashing Windmill, Assorted Colours, with Pivoting Head, 38cm
Double Helicopter Windmill
Double Helicopter Windmill, Silver, Light Up
Dolphin Bubble Gun
Dolphin Bubble Gun, Blue and Pink Assorted
Double Fan Spinner
Double Fan Spinner, Light Up
Disco Baton
Disco Baton, Pink, Light Up
Blossom Wand
Blossom Wand, Pink, Light up
Crown Wand
Crown Wand, Pink, Light Up and Sound, 22cm
Voice and Sound Activation Microphone
Voice and Sound Activation Microphone, White, 22cm
Police Set
Police Set, Gun, Handcuff, Badge and Watch
Drinking Straw Specs
Drinking Straw Specs, Clear
Princess Sword
Princess Sword, Pink, Flashing, 45cm
Snowflake Spinner
Snowflake Spinner, Blue & White
Peace Keepers, Army Style Gun
Peace Keepers, Army Style Gun, with Sparking Effect
Rainbow Space Sword, Multi Colour Light Up
Rainbow Space Sword, Multi Colour Light Up
Superhero Flashing Wristband
Superhero Flashing Wristband, Assorted Colours, Blue and Red
Space Warriors Axe
Space Warriors Axe, Light Up, including Batteries
Mini Double Ended Disco Baton
Double Ended Crystal Baton, Silver, Light Up
Solar Spinner
Solar Spinner, Assorted Colours, with Light Up Globe and Spinning
Regal Tang Fish, Bubble Gun
Regal Tang Fish, Bubble Gun
Clown Fish Bubble Gun
Clown Fish Bubble Gun, Orange and White, with Solution
Space Cop Revolver
Space Cop Revolver, with Light and Sound
Galactic Warrior Sword
Galactic Warrior Sword, Multi Flashing Effect
Light Up Space Sword, Rainbow Colours
Light Up Space Sword, Rainbow Colours, 70cm
Trumpet Whistle
Trumpet Whistle, Assorted, Light up
Light Stick Bracelet, 400mm
Light Stick Bracelet, 400mm, Assorted
Snap to Glow Glasses
Snap to Glow Glasses, Assorted Colours
Flashing Marabou Stick
Flashing Marabou Stick, White
Light Up Fibre Optic Wand
Light Up Fibre Optic Wand, with Star and Batteries
Outerspace Disco Microphone
Outerspace Disco Microphone, Silver, Light up
Light Sabre Sword
Light Sabre Sword, Multi-coloured, Multi-function
Flashing Mouth Piece
Flashing Mouth Piece, With 4 Coloured LEDs
Alien Necklace
Alien Necklace, Assorted, Flashing
Light Up Shades
Light Up Shades, Multi-coloured, 6 Functions
Pom Poms
Pom Poms, Metallic Pink, Pair

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