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character wigs

Crazy Clown Wig
Crazy Clown Wig, Green, 120g
Crazy Clown Wig, Orange, 120g
Crazy Clown Wig, Orange, 120g
Crazy Clown Wig
Crazy Clown Wig, Rainbow Colours, 120g
Crazy Clown Wig
Crazy Clown Wig, Blue, 120g
Retro Kit
Retro Kit, Brown, Wig and Tash
Scouser Set
Scouser Set, Black, Curly Wig & Tash
60's Psychedelic Wig
60's Psychedelic Wig, Black, Short Bob
Cleopatra Wig
Cleopatra Wig, Black, Braided with Gold Trim
Granny Bun Wig
Granny Bun Wig, Grey
Oriental Lady Wig
Oriental Lady Wig, Black, Mid Length with Chopsticks
Rag Doll Wig
Rag Doll Wig, Red, Pigtails with a Fringe and Bows
80's Bunches Wig
80's Bunches Wig, Pink
60's Male Mod Wig
60's Male Mod Wig, Brown, Short
Britpop Wig
Britpop Wig, Brown
Crazy Caveman Wig
Crazy Caveman Wig, Blonde, Big
Beehive Beauty Wig
Beehive Beauty Wig, Auburn, with Curls
Beehive Beauty Wig
Beehive Beauty Wig, Blonde, with Curls
Schoolgirl / Dutch Wig
Schoolgirl / Dutch Wig, Blonde, Plaits with Ribbons
Baroque Wig
Baroque Wig, White, Shoulder Length with Ringlet Curls
Candy Queen Wig
Candy Queen Wig, Lilac, with Heart Headband
Nineties Detective Wig
Nineties Detective Wig, Brown
Buccaneer Pirate Wig
Buccaneer Pirate Wig, Brown, Straight with Braids, with Bandana
Dreadlock Wig
Dreadlock Wig, Black
Dreadlock Wig
Dreadlock Wig, Brown
Sassy Schoolgirl Pigtails Wig
Sassy Schoolgirl Pigtails Wig, Blonde, with Ribbon Ties
Crazy Cavegirl Bunches Wig
Crazy Cavegirl Bunches Wig, Blonde, with Bones
Baby Power Wig
Baby Power Wig, Blonde, with Pony Tails
Crazy Cavewoman Wig
Crazy Cavewoman Wig, Brown, with High Ponytail with Bone
Pirate Captain Wig
Pirate Captain Wig, Black, Long and Curly
60's Beauty Queen Wig
60's Beauty Queen Wig, Blonde, Long with Bouffant and Fringe
Evil Madame Wig
Evil Madame Wig, Black and White, Short, Curly cruella de ville&n
60's Brigitte Bouffant Wig
60's Brigitte Bouffant Wig, Black
Braided Wig
Braided Wig, Black, with Beads
Judge's Wig
Judge's Wig, White
80's Prom King Costume
80's Prom King Costume, Blue, with Jacket, Trousers and Mock Tuxe
Granny Perm Wig
Granny Perm Wig, Grey
Santa Beard, Faux Fur Pearl
Santa Beard, Faux Fur, Pearl Grey, 16.5cm / 6.5inch
Deluxe Santa Beard Pearl
Deluxe Santa Beard, Pearl Grey, 16.5cm / 6.5inch
50's Housewife Wig
50's Housewife Wig, Auburn
Bavarian Babe Wig, Plaited
Bavarian Babe Wig, Plaited, Brown, with Hidden Wire
Santa Beard
Santa Beard, Economy, White

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