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historical costumes including Medieval Costumes, and those from ancient Rome , Grreece and Egypt.

WE have a special selection of Horrible Histories costumes too , including black bead and Henry V111.

We also have some more recent historical costumes for Victorian events and historical book characters .


Robin Hood Costume
Robin Hood Costume, with Hat, Top and Trousers
Busby Guard Costume
Busby Guard Costume, with Top, Trousers and Hat
Viking Costume
Viking Costume, Brown, with Top, Trousers & Hat
Roman Boy Costume
Roman Boy Costume, with Robe, Belt and Headpiece
Horrible Histories Monk Costume
Horrible Histories Monk Costume, Brown, with Tunic with Hood &
King Arthur Medieval Tunic
King Arthur Medieval Tunic, with Attached Cape and Crown
Medieval Maid Costume
Medieval Maid Costume, Dress, Headband and Attached Mock Belt
Tudor Girl Costume
Tudor Girl Costume, Brown, with Dress, Hat and Mock Apron
Horrible Histories Viking Boy Costume
Horrible Histories Viking Boy Costume, with Top, Trousers and Hel
Deluxe Cleopatra Girl Costume
Deluxe Cleopatra Girl Costume, with Dress and Headpiece
Medieval Princess Costume
Medieval Princess Costume, Green, with Dress & Crown
Horrible Histories, Boudica Costume
Horrible Histories, Boudica Costume, Green, with Dress, Shawl and
Horrible Histories Tudor Executioner Costume
Horrible Histories Tudor Executioner Costume, Black, with Jacket,
Tudor Princess Girl Costume
Tudor Princess Girl Costume, Royal Blue, Dress and Headband
Tudor Boy Costume
Tudor Boy Costume, Royal Blue, Top, Trousers with Boot Covers, Be
Horrible Histories, Mary Queen of Scots Costume
Horrible Histories, Mary Queen of Scots Costume, Black, with Dres
Girls Pirate Captain Costume
Girls Pirate Captain Costume, Red, Dress with Mock Waistcoat, Hat
Horrible Histories WWI Boy Costume
Horrible Histories WWI Boy Costume, with Top, Trousers & Hat
WW2 Evacuee Boy Costume, with Jacket, Trousers
WW2 Evacuee Boy Costume, Grey, with Jacket, Trousers, Mock Shirt,
Horrible Histories Henry VIII Costume
Horrible Histories Henry VIII Costume, Brown, with Embellished Tu
Evacuee School Girl Costume
Evacuee School Girl Costume, Grey, with Dress, Hat, Bag & Nam
Musketeer Child Costume
Musketeer Child Costume, Top, Trousers, Hat and Gloves  
Horrible Histories Miner Costume
Horrible Histories Miner Costume, Grey, with Top, Trousers, Crava
Horrible Histories Soldier Costume
Horrible Histories Soldier Costume, Brown, with Top, Trousers &am
Armoured Knight Costume
Armoured Knight Costume, Grey, with Jumpsuit & Headpiece, Dig
Victorian Poor Girl Costume
Victorian Poor Girl Costume, with Dress with Apron and Hat  
Victorian Poor Peasant Boy
Victorian Poor Peasant Boy, Brown and Blue, Waistcoat and Hat &
Poor Victorian Costume
Poor Victorian Costume, girls victorian outfit Brown  victo
Victorian Poor Boy Costume
Victorian Poor Boy Costume, with Top, Trousers and Hat
Grecian Girl Costume
Grecian Girl Costume, childrens greek goddess dress with  gr
Kiddy King Costume
Kiddy King Costume, Blue and Gold, with Robe and Crown  
Egyptian Boy Costume
Egyptian Boy Costume, with ancient egyptian kids  Robe, 
Victorian Poor Boy Costume
Victorian Poor Boy Costume, Black, Green and Brown, Top, Trousers
Tudor Girl Costume
Tudor Girl Costume, Burgundy, with Dress and Headpiece
Dodgy Victorian Boy Costume
Dodgy Victorian Boy Costume, Black, with Top, Trousers and Hat &
Roman Soldier
Roman Soldier, with Tunic and Hat
Posh Victorian Costume
Posh Victorian Costume, Blue, with Dress and Hat  
Victorian Kit
Victorian Kit, with Apron and Mop Cap  
Victorian Urchin Set
Victorian Urchin Set, with Waistcoat and Cap  
Cape, Pink
Medieval Helmet
Medieval Helmet, Silver, with Sword and Body Armour Piece
Roman Soldier Costume
Roman Soldier Costume, Black, with Tunic, Attached Cape, Arm &
Victorian School Girl Costume
Victorian School Girl Costume, Grey, with Dress & Hat
Shakespeare Costume
Shakespeare Costume, Green, Jacket, Trousers, Bootcovers, Tash &a
Tudor Damsel, Princess Costume
Tudor Damsel, Princess Costume, Purple, with Dress & Bun Cap

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